Lucy Moss

Unlabelled — Brand Identity

When interning with Kyra TV, for an episode of one of their YouTube channels PAQ, I was assigned to design the identity of a pop-up-shop in Shoreditch, London.

In collaboration with Lynx and Ditch the Label, the PAQ boys set up a Pop-up where they sold a mixture of high street and designer clothes for £10. However, all the labels of the clothing items were removed; meaning that the person buying would not know where they were from and how much they cost originally. The purpose of this concept was to highlight stereotyping that holds guys back from expressing themselves. All to raise awareness and money for the cause of anti-bullying.

My response to this brief was this stripped back simple logo to portray the whole meaning and purpose of the shop; to be yourself and not be afraid to show that.

Unlabelled 1.png